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Pamela Dorton
Figurative Artist Carefree, Arizona

“Life is what you create. Curate carefully the things and people in your life, your world will be a reflection of those.”


What I do


I enjoy figurative work which sometimes includes architectural elements.  I have always thought cities are living things and the people who inhabit them make them come to life.

pamela dorton

Digital Marketing

No time to manage your social media posts?  No time to build your webpage?  No time to learn GoogleAdWords so you can market yourself online efficiently?  Please send an email and I will tell you how I can help!


I have taught the History of Interior Design for over 20 years.  If you want to learn about antiques, I have a mini-course for sale about that; if you want a quick introduction to the elements of design, I have a downloadable course for sale for that!  It’s quick, easy and convenient—pay under $10, download the files and you can view them over and over again!

pamela dorton interior design drawing


I mainly work in clay and sometimes plaster of Paris.  All of my sculptures come from working with live models—those A & P classes really have come in handy to know the underlying structure of the human body.

Pamela Dorton Figurative Artist


I enjoy making things and one of my pursuits is the creation of beautiful jewelry designs using Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls.  I favor sterling silver over any other metal.


Contemporary Figurative Art

Can Meet Your Deadline

Short or long lead time, depending on your needs

Any size format

Whatever size space you are looking to fill, I create custom size pieces to meet your needs

Available Immediately

Please feel free to email or call anytime

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What My Clients Say?

Brilliant! Very Much enjoyed the show. Hope you take it to other places for more people to see. Thank you!
Amanda Lee
CEO & Founder Crix
What wonderful creativity – a joy to view! Thank you for my customized painting!
Simon S
“Found it difficult to leave the building once I saw this amazing art. Amazing, interesting and joyful. Thank you”
Adam C
Director at Dynamic

A Few Of My Clients